Walking Dead addicted.
Wannabe Saint.
Crow Eater. Ol' Lady.
SPF, Reedus, Flanagan and Hiddleston obsessed
Mentally sammiched between Kili and Fili
Writer of Rp's and Fanfic's.
Zombie enthusiast.
Shipper of stuff and thaaaangs.
I'm a photoshopper. I photoshop
things. Ask nicely and I'll make you stuff.
Fandoms: The Walking Dead. The Boondock Saints. Sons of Anarchy, Doctor Who. Breaking Bad. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Lost Girl. Being Human UK. AHS Harry Potter. The Hobbit & Thor more.

lenora is queen of the aidan turner fangirls.


Sean called Norm again… I quit.

I’m like literally going to lunge across this table…

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rick grimes & daryl dixon
↳ pacific rim au

omg. This is amazing,


♣ Mitchell gifset per episode

↳3x05 ‘The Longest Day’ Part 3/?

Make Me Choose:
— Anonymous asked: Fili Durin or Kili Durin
Make Me Choose:
— Anonymous asked: Loki Laufeyson or Thor Odinson
Make Me Choose:
— Anonymous asked: Connor MacManus or Murphy MacManus